Laurie Gardner Highlight Video
How to Be Happy Even When Life is Crappy

Laurie Gardner, Author-Expert Series, Los Angeles
About courage and finding your glow

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Selected Radio Interviews:

How to Be Happy Even When Life is Crappy:

Sunday Morning Easy with Orv Graham, WEZC, 95.9 FM, Central Illinois Regional Radio

The Design Dude with Frank Fontana, WGN Radio, 720 AM, Chicago

The Price of Business with Kevin Price, Business Talk 1110 AM, KTEK, Houston

The Ron Ponder Show, News-Talk 1480, WHBC, Canton, OH

I Want My Body Back! Having Fun with Your Food:

Colorado’s Morning News, 850 AM, KOA, Denver

Midwest Opinions, KOGA, 930 AM, Nebraska and Colorado

Selected Articles, Print Interviews, and Book Reviews:



Laurie Gardner is a jewel of a guest!

“Laurie is so knowledgeable, passionate about helping people, and energetic that she is sure to inspire any audience to Stop Living Small! Her worldwide experiences and insatiable desire to get out there and enjoy life make you want to blast out of a boring life and join her. With her expertise as an author, multilingual speaker, wellness practitioner, teacher, seminar leader and coach, you wonder if there’s anything she can’t do. What an AWESOME lady! I can’t wait to have her back on my show.”

- Sharkie Zartman, Producer and Host, Sharkie’s PEP Talk at

GREAT storyteller!

“Laurie is a fantastic guest and really personable, even at 4 a.m.! She really draws listeners in…We will be in touch!”

- Caitlin Fry, Producer, WGN Radio, 720 AM, Chicago

Phones rang off the hook!

“‘I was spellbound,’ one listener said to me. And so was I! (I was so taken with her and her story that I forgot to have her choose the caller who won today’s copy of her book.) Laurie has done things most of us only dream about, and she has the ability to draw “word pictures” that put us right there with her in the adventures. Another caller said, ‘What insight!’ If she’s available, I’ll have her on the air with me again sometime soon!”

- Orv Graham, Host, WEZC, 95.9 FM, Central Illinois Regional Radio

Listeners love Laurie!

“Laurie Gardner is a delightful guest – smart, bubbly and entertaining. Listeners love her tips for getting happy and finding their true purpose.”

- Kacey Morabito, Host, 100.7 WHUD, upstate New York

Laurie Gardner Hits It Out of the Park

“There are guests and then there are guests…Laurie is entertaining, informative and most of all, she knows how to capture an audience.”

- Michael Dresser, Host, The Michael Dresser Show

Laurie leaves a lasting impact

“Laurie Gardner is the true embodiment of a 21st century woman—brilliant, warm and witty, vibrant personality, she can easily relate to anyone. She is an educator, consultant, adviser, leader, advocate, public speaker, motivator, and the list goes on . . . She leaves a great imprint in anyone’s life.”

- Veronica Leighton, Executive Producer, CPR-TV, Chicago

Radio guest poster child

“Laurie Gardner is a poster child for great radio guests! Her energy, wit, and enthusiasm for her subject matter makes interviewing Laurie easy. Our listeners enjoyed hearing about her vast experiences and tips on living well and letting your life shine.”

- Tina Gang, Morning Show Host, 90.9 FM, WFCO, Ohio

A breath of fresh air!

“Laurie was a breath of fresh air first thing in the morning! Very informative, full of helpful ideas and personable, Laurie was easy to interview, had timely answers and very knowledgeable. She sent prior information for guidelines and was well prepared. John and I hope to talk with her again someday!”

- Penny Seibert, Co-Host, KOGA-930 AM, Nebraska and Colorado


“Anyone who has ever felt the pressure to fit themselves and their life into a small, societal pre-determined, box in order to please others will relate to Laurie’s personal journey to finding her deeper life purpose and joy. Her humor, wit, and fast paced story telling . . . inspired me to remain courageous and continue on my own journey even if the footprints are not well worn on my life path. Thank you Laurie!”

- Marie Christmon, Host, Everyday Angels, Blogtalk Radio

We definitely plan on having Laurie back!

“Laurie is a very engaging guest with great knowledge of her content…she kept the listeners enthralled and gave out some very pertinent advice on how they could attain their goal of living a happier life.”

- Ron Ponder, Host, News-Talk 1480, WHBC Canton, Ohio

Intelligent, witty, sincere and passionate

“Laurie’s dedication to helping others achieve lives that are more fulfilling, fun and free shines as brightly as she does on air. Laurie’s an excellent speaker and guest…I highly recommend her!”

- Barb Adams, Host, Radio Amerika Now

Laurie is a real gem

“It’s rare to find someone who can can talk about so many different things.”

- Neil Haley, Producer and Host, Total Education Network

Informative and fun!

“An interview with Laurie Gardner is not only informative but FUN. Laurie’s insights and stories of adventures all over the world offer valuable advice and create a lively learning experience for listeners.”

- Mary DeYon, Host, Freedom from Codependency

Fun, funny, rolls with the punches

“Laurie put a smile on everyone’s face as she deftly and wittily handled the multiple technical challenges that occurred.”

- Barrie-Louise Switzen, TV Producer and Host, The Woman’s Connection, Time-Warner, New York City

A favorite of any radio show

“Laurie Gardner is a great guest and does an excellent job of making practical, ‘how to live and how to work’ information very interesting to any audience.”

- Kevin Price, Host, The Price of Business, Business Talk 1110 AM, Houston

Best interview yet!

“Laurie was very easy to interview. I got comments from listeners that the episode with Laurie was the best yet!”

- Mike Glendinning, Host, The Indie Show, San Francisco

Charismatic and engaging

“Laurie provided valuable information and shared her global adventures…all with a humorous flair.”

- Kristen White, TV Producer and Host, The Author-Expert Series, Los Angeles

Laurie was a terrific guest…

“…you can quote me on that.”

- Bonnie D. Graham, a.k.a. RadioRed, Producer and Host, “Read My Lips” Radio Show